Detoxing and Juicing Rapid ways to weight loss

Juicing is drinking your food. Rather than forcing your body to digest solids, you are giving it a break by fueling your system with a generous supply of nutrients

Benefits of juicing

A major boost energy

Clear, glowing skin

Quick weight loss

Improved sleep quality

Boost in mental clarity and focus

Soft, shinny hair and nails

Improved digestion

Juicing is drinking your food. Rather than forcing your body to digest solids, you are giving it a break by fueling your system with a generous supply of nutrients that are easily (and quickly) absorbed into you blood stream.

Many people begin to transformation quickly

Flat tummy drink

Apple cider vinegar


Lemon juice


Cayenne pepper

This is best as warm/hot tea first thing in the morning & last thing before bed ( both empty stomach)

Strawberry delight

5 strawberries

½ teaspoon of Cinnamon



Store over night to fuse ingredients and create a natural detox.

Blueberry detox tea

1bag with acv


Ginger root


Melt this belly






Carrot juice

Carrot juice is great for weight loss because its low in calories yet full of important fiber.

In addition. Fiber keeps full, so drinking a large glass of carrot juice in the morning will make it easy for you to stay on track until lunch

Carrot juice is also known to increase the levels of bile secretion which ultimately, helps you burn more fat.


6-8 carrots

¼ Head of cabbage

½ Cucumber

Piece of ginger

½ teaspoon Black pepper


Chop your carrots and cucumbers into bite-size chunks and blend. Add cabbage, ginger and pepper. Pour into glass and add ice

Like it spicy add a dash of cayenne pepper to blend

Melt fat with ginger

Ginger has been known for its beneficial properties for the skin it tones it improves its elastic, and increase blood circulation

All these things can help you get rid of stubborn fat thanks to the ginger wraps


  1. Mix 1 tbsp of freshly grated ginger with 4-5 tbsp of your favorite body lotions.
  2. Soak a towel in hot water and place it on areas here you want to loss fat
  3. Leave it there for 5 minutes to open pores.
  4. Apply the ginger body lotion to the targeted area
  5. Wrap the area with plastic wrap
  6. Leave it on overnight

Matcha lemonade Detox drink


Matcha powder(prepare according to instructions on the package

Squeezed lemon juice

Pineapple juice

Freshly grated ginger

Raw honey to taste


Blend everything together , make sure you’re not busy because it will FLUSH YOU OUT

Lemonade juice

When it comes to the top juices for rapid weight loss this is one of the most refreshing, powerful blends of them all

Lemons are fat-burning powerhouses, so by combining them wit the complexion-boosting, vivacity of cucumbers, your able to enjoy rapid weight loss wile improving the look of your real skin.



1cups of spinach

1 lemon

1 cucumber

4 leaves of kale

2 medium red apples


Slice your apples and cucumbers into bite size chunks and juice them. Ass in lemon, kale and spinach, You want to make sure the mixture is smooth. Serve in glass with ice

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